TICKETsage Screen ShotTICKETsage does not typically issue releases for each new client signing. We only issue releases marking what we consider are significant achievements and breakthroughs. Here are a few of our top releases.

We were first with many innovations, sometimes beating the competition by 5 years or more. TICKETsage clients enjoy the highest level of innovation in the industry.

TICKETsage welcomes Charlotte's Warehouse Performing Arts Center as newest client
TICKETsage grows in Arkansas, adding value to another local theater
Snow College Streamlines Campus Box Office Sales and Offers Patrons Online Ticketing
TICKETsage announces iPod Challenge Promo
TICKETsage Anti-Scalping Technology Still Superior
TICKETsage Shuts Out Scalpers in Three Markets using TicketVERIFY    
TICKETsage Celebrates its Tenth Year
TICKETsage Doubles Client Base in 12 Months
1-24-2007  TICKETsage Introduces New Anti-Scalping Technology    
9-8-2005  TICKETsage Launches Integrated Email Marketing Tool: PatronSCOPE
2-5-2005  TICKETsage rolls out Enhanced Data-Mining and Analytics Toolset    
11-24-2004  TICKETsage completes Cinturin Acquisition
09-23-2003  Next Generation Print-At-Home and Access Control Technology    
09-20-2002  TICKETsage releases full Web Service API Suite    
06-13-2002  TICKETsage Announces Shift to 64-bit Architecture    
03-22-2001  TICKETsage Performs Load Tests to 400 Transactions per Minute
07-11-2001  TICKETsage Unveils Real-Time Print-At-Home Technology    
02-04-1999  Ticketing Software Provider Releases Choose-Your-Own Ticketing    

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