TicketVERIFY is our patent-pending Anti-Scalping solution designed to put venues, concert promoters and ticketing companies back in control of their inventory.

Works with any ticketing system. Operates on a variety of hardware including wall-mounted unit shown.

Detects all tickets that are resold or transferred outside authorized channels with no false positives.

Now licensing.

Ultra Portable

Take the TICKETsage Ticketing Appliance anywhere there is a phone line, and sell tickets in real time.

Your local mall, street festival, car dealership... now, they can easily become your outlets.

Real Time Print-At-Home.

TICKETsage gives you the power and flexibility you need with the industry's first integrated Real-Time Print-At-Home system.

Take advantage of Internet orders all the way through an onsale, even after the doors have opened.

Authenticate Print-At-Home tickets with the wireless ease you expect. Enjoy full integration with industry-standard turnstiles and access control modules.

Sleep easy knowing that you're protected with the latest 2-Dimensional barcode technology with strong 128-bit encryption.


The TICKETsage system's modular design lets you expand as your needs change. All without additional cost.

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